She on beat like a muhhfucka


shoutout to her for being so positive while going through chemo

When white people do it right. She ain’t steal nothin, appropriate nothin, make foolishness of nothin, she just hitting her own beat and staying positive. She’s adorable and looks really healthy as well, you can see her positivity shine through. That’s all it is people, live this way and the world would be fucktons better. I wish her a speedy recovery

(via witchharpy)

white people: *force their hair to be matted to form what they think are dreadlocks so they can feel ~one with nature~ and go through some bullshit spiritual hippie phase, probably appropriating other cultures too*
black people: *manage to have their hair lock with ease in order to keep their natural hair maintained but get criticized for it bc it’s seen as unprofessional and dirty*